What is the right size shoe for me?

Our aim is to replicate the shoe store experience but within the convenience of your own home or workplace. We know that in a physical store you will be able to try on a few pairs of shoes in different sizes before you decide on the shoe for you. We aim to assist you in finding the right size shoe while also making it really easy to send back shoes that don’t fit or feel right. We like to ensure refunds happen as quickly as possible so you can continue shopping for the right pair!

Here are some tips on getting the size right:

Use our automated size converter on the product page
Like a shoe but it’s not in a size scale you are sure of? Use the menu bar just above the size options to change it to a size scale you are more familiar with. We have custom built our own size scale conversion, which was as close to rocket science as we ever want to get. The manufacturers’ favoured size scale is the one that we will automatically display initially.

Check our shoe size conversion chart
The size scale conversion chart will show you the alternate size scales. It also includes centimetre so if you want to measure your foot with a ruler this will give you another guide to base your decision on.

Have you bought the brand before?
Sizes can vary by style, but generally sizing tends to be standard across brands.

What is the shoe made of?
Leather tends to have a little more stretch then synthetics or fabric. Just don’t think you will be able to stretch them up an entire size!

Read the product description on site
Certain brands are known for running a size larger or smaller or our treadsters may have bought a shoe and found it to be different sizing. If we have the information we’ll always include this in the product description.

Contact Us
Still unsure? Contact our Customer Happiness Team.

Size glossary:

Women's Shoes

AU/US Women = standard Australian/US size scale
Most Australian brands will use the US women’s size scale as their standard sizing so this is the scale to use if you are familiar with buying these brands.

UK Women = UK size scale for women
UK women’s size scale is usually 2 sizes smaller than the AU size for the same shoe.

EU Women = European size scale for women
EU women’s size scale is in numbers from 35 – 42 so this is a whole new sizing scale to the US and UK sizes.

Men's Shoes

AU/UK Men = standard Australia/United Kingdom size scale
Whilst the women’s standard size scale for Australia is the US size scale, just to confuse everyone the standard size scale for men’s is the UK size scale.

US Men = US size scale for men
Generally the US size for men is one higher than the UK/Australian size.

EU Men = European size scale for men
EU men’s size scale is in numbers from 37 – 47 so this is a whole new sizing scale to the US and UK sizes.