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Help! How do I disguise thick ankles?

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Every woman has her body hang ups and for some women it’s the dreaded kankle. Whether real or imagined, the appearance of thick ankles can make you feel shorter and less lean. The difficult thing about ankles is that it’s generally a trait that’s heredity, meaning no amount of time in the gym will make much of a difference! However all is not lost! Style is at hand, to help those kankles look much more like ankles:

1. Show off your ankle and elongate your legs.

Even though you’re conscious of your ankles, you don’t want to hide them behind a shoe (unless it’s a full length boot) as this will only add bulk. Opt for open front styles of shoes that show as much of your foot as possible. Black opaques and black leggings can be your best friend. The single stretch of a slimming colour will elongate the look of your legs. In summer, swap this trick for good fake tan and some shimmer make-up or moisturizer down the front of your leg.

2. Avoid ankle straps at all cost.

Ankle straps on any shoe can make the most reed thin legs appear thicker than they are. Why? By wearing an ankle strap you are adding visual weight to a part of your body that tapers inwards. The other thing that ankle straps do is appear to cut you off, making you appear shorter than you are.

3. Avoid ankle or calf-length boots

Much like the ankle strap shoe, an ankle boot will cut you off and a ¾ boot that ends at your mid calf will place emphasis around the thickest part of your leg. Instead opt for knee length or even thigh length boots, these will elongate your leg, but make sure they’re as fitted as possible so as to not add more visual weight. A bootie or shoe boot is a great option if you love the look of ankle boots. They’re more enclosed than a heel, but show off the ankle i.e. the slimmest part of your leg more than any long or mid length boot will.

4. When in doubt, go for a heel.

Even some ‘flats’ have a hidden inner wedge, a little lift, regardless of how minor will elongate your legs more than a shoe that is flat to the ground.

5. Work it out!

Walking shoes from Fit Flop and Skechers are said to tone your legs and backside while you walk. If you’re going to be walking anyway, it couldn’t hurt to give these a try

How do I look dressed up but avoid
sky-high heels?

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A night out with the girls doesn’t have to mean towering heels. Take your style cues from some of the most stylish women on the planet and try a flat shoe for your next night on the town.

1. The evening flat like Elle:

Elle McPherson is notorious for throwing on a jeweled evening flat with a ball gown, and who among us can argue with her enduring style? The tip here is to bling out the flat sandal and keep it strappy.

Where to wear? Cocktail weddings to night on the town. When a great party dress meets a great flat it can take you anywhere.

2. The manstyle brogue like Alexa:

Alexa Chung has practically made a career out of teaming brogues and manstyle shoes with very pretty dresses. How she makes it work, is by steering away from traditional blacks and browns and playing with bright colours and neutrals. She almost always wears knee length dresses, to balance a closed in shoe with a bit of skin and the rest of her look is pretty and girly.

Where to wear? From the opera to music festivals, upscale bars to the local pub, Alexa has shown us this look is versatile.

3. The kitten heel pump like Olivia:

This look went from runway to street style in a heart beat and has been seen on everyone from Taylor Swift to Olivia Palermo to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. The kitten heel pump, especially in a pointy toe looks great with trousers, denim and full skirts. Try them out in patent leathers in bold colours or matt neutrals.

Where to wear? Again this look will take you from drinks at your local, to a swish restaurant to all night dancing with the girls.

4. The ballet flat like Audrey:

Usually we relegate our ballet flats to the walk home from work or weekend shopping, however by playing with colour and texture your ballets can give off a classically chic vibe. Really it’s up to your imagination. Try a leopard print flat with a fitted red dress, a neon flat with neutral tailoring, a classic black flat with an equally classic smoking suit or a printed or embellished flat with a clashing bold print outfit. Hey if Audrey Hepburn said it was cool, who are we to argue!

Where to wear? Dinner parties, daytime weddings to drinks at your favourite bar.

Follow these tips for when you are making your next shoe purchase, your legs will thank you for it!

Entering the work force,
how to wear corporate

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You would be forgiven for thinking the term ‘office appropriate footwear’ belongs in the pile of cryptic dress codes like ‘business casual’ or ‘smart casual’. Can you wear heels? Are peep toes appropriate? Can I wear colours? How high is too high? There are so many questions and understandably too seeing as you want to look professional (with stylish being a close second). The last thing you want is to be noticed by HR or your boss for inappropriate shoes!

As most office workplaces call for closed-in shoes, there are three styles of shoes you should consider as a basis of your work wardrobe.

The flat

Ballet flats and loafers are effortlessly chic. Not only that, they’re comfortable options for those who need to be on their feet a lot for work.

Be sure to invest in a pair that has a leather upper and lining so that your feet can breathe throughout the day.

The heel

Heels are definitely appropriate for work so long as you can walk in them! If you’re confident you can stride across the office floor wobble free then they’re the right heel height for you.

Single sole pumps (i.e. heels without a platform) with either a pointed toe or almond toe are clean, elegant styles that can be worn with skirts or pants. The great thing is that these are timeless shapes that will look fantastic regardless of trends.

The wedge

Combining the lift of a heel and the stability of the flat, the wedge gives you the best of both worlds. If you prefer a lower heel, the wedge is a great alternative to the kitten heel.

As for colours, black is without a question the most versatile and safest option. Nude is also just as easy to style as its neutral shade matches so many colours (seriously, the colour combinations are infinite). If you want to mix it up even more, try adding texture to the repertoire with metallic, patent or suede finishes.

Top 5 tips for buying shoes
for grooms and groomsmen

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We all know there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing than trawling the shops for your wedding shoes, that’s why buying online makes a whole lot of sense! You can shop on your mobile while having a beer with the boys at the pub, which we think is a much better use of your time!

Here are some tips to make it easier to buy your wedding shoes online:

1. Size Matters

Get out your favourite dress shoes and read what size they are and whether they’re in EU, US or UK sizing. AUS sizing is always equal to UK sizing for men. Our onsite automated size converter can then convert the shoe you’re looking at into the size conversion you are most familiar with.

2. Colour Me Bad

Ok, so the misses-to-be has asked you to wear a grey suit but you’ve got no idea what to match it with? Try these fail-safe colour combinations:

  • Black Suit: Black shoes
  • Charcoal suit: Black, Chestnut, Oxblood, Dark Brown shoes
  • Light Grey Suit: Tan, Black, Chestnut, Oxblood, Dark Brown shoes
  • Navy Suit: Chestnut, Oxblood Dark Brown shoes
  • Mid Blue Suit: Tan, Black, Chestnut, Oxblood, Dark Brown shoes
  • Brown suit: Tan, Chestnut, Dark Brown shoes
  • Cream/Beige suit: Tan, white or a two tone combination of these two colours
  • Green suit: Black, Chestnut, Oxblood shoes

3. Suit the suit

Dress shoes are your best and safest bet when pairing a shoe with a suit. Just hover over ‘Men’ on our top mega menu and then scroll down and select ‘Dress’ and you’ll find our top dress shoe picks. Dress shoes are primarily leather, with slim leather or synthetic sole. If you’re not accustomed to dress shoes, you may find a synthetic sole is more comfortable. After something a bit left of field? Opt for brogues, high polish leather loafers or a contrast sole dress shoe, all searchable on Our advice is to check with your misses first before you go all out crazy and PLEASE remember to leave the chunky sole shoes and work boots at home!

4. Matchy matchy

You and your boys should be wearing either matching or similarly styled shoes. Most guys have black leather shoes in their wardrobes, but you’ll look shabby if the shoes are different styles, have different fastenings or are made from different fabrics. Go out your way to get shoes that are similar in colour, fabric and style. If the groom is wearing a different coloured suit to the groomsmen, match the fabric and style rather than the colour.

5. What socks?

The general rule is to match your socks to your trousers not your shoes, unless of course your pants are black and so are your shoes. Matching your socks to your shoes, can make you appear as if you are wearing boots. If you are feeling daring, you can match your groomsmen’s socks to the bridesmaid’s dresses, your tie, or the colour scheme of the wedding. It will add a sense of fun, if done in a tasteful way.

Final tip: If you are wearing a suit, don’t forget to buy a belt that matches the colour of shoes that you choose. If you’re wearing a tuxedo, opt for suspenders instead.

A guide to buying wedding shoes
for bridesmaids

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So you’ve got the man, and there’s a ring on that left hand. You’ve wrangled all your besties as bridesmaids to ensure you have a smooth day, so what’s one thing you can do for your ladies to ensure they also have the time of their lives? Put some thought into the shoes they’ll be wearing so they’re not dancing barefoot by the time the bridal waltz comes around.

1. Height matters

Consider the height of your bridesmaids and the height of the groomsmen they’re paired with, then consider the height of heels you’re after. It seems old-fashioned but lots of guys and girls still have issues when it comes to who is taller, so aim not to put your girls in 14cm heels if the boys are on the shorter side!

2. Can you walk in heels?

Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable walking in heels, let alone dancing in them in front of a room of your nearest and dearest. Accommodate those who aren’t as nimbly footed by looking for lower heeled options or wedges which can be easier to walk and dance in.

3. Style

The style of shoe you select for your bridesmaids is dependent on what they’re comfortable wearing as well as other factors such as location and season. Closed or peep toe pumps are a great option for winter and obviously strappy sandals or embellished flats for summer soirees. Avoid fabrications such as suede for winter, beach or waterside weddings if there is any chance the shoes might get wet.

4. Colour

Your hue of choice is totally dependent on the colour scheme of your wedding, nudes and neutrals are always a safe option but don’t hesitate on going for bold options, clashing colours with each other or opting for an overly embellished shoe if you find something in this style that you all love, as this will add to the party vibe of your wedding.

5. One shoe to unite them all?

Let’s face it, when you get a bunch of women together, it is going to be hard to settle on one style of shoe that everybody is happy with. Consider going for a single style in a complementary colour palette i.e. the same peep toe pumps in sorbet colours or the same colour of shoe in complementary styles such as all black satin strappy heels. If you unite the shoes with either the style or colour, this will still bring cohesiveness to the look of your bridal party while ensuring everyone is comfortable and happy.

6. Practice makes perfect

Get your bridal party together and try on the shoes with the dress and accessories and practice that walk down the aisle. This will help to ensure all your girls are comfortable in their shoes, but also help them to practice in a tricky dress or setting such as maxi length gowns or stairs.

Final tip: Styletread offers free returns within 30 days so you've got time to make up your mind. Remember to try them on a carpeted surface at home and if the shoes are white, a thin sock or stocking will protect them from staining.

Top 5 tips for buying kids school shoes

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There is plenty of stress around going back to school without adding shoe shopping to the mix. Follow these simple guidelines for buying your kids shoes online for hassle-free shopping:

1. Buy your shoes close to school time

Kids grow and you want the most accurate fitting, so buying post-Christmas is probably the best time. You want to give yourself enough time to receive the shoes, for your kids try them on at home (on the carpet!) to ensure they’re truly comfortable and to change sizes if need be. Don’t forget if you purchase your kids school shoes at full price you receive free delivery and free returns.

2. Measure both feet

Follow our simple instructions for measuring your child’s feet. Don’t forget to measure the largest foot, as kids tend to have one foot bigger than the other.

3. Buy Quality

Purchase the best quality you can afford, as this will save you money in the long run. Select from our ‘Back to School’ range under ‘Kids’ in the top mega menu as these shoes have been specifically designed with active kids and every day wear in mind. Where possible, opt for leather uppers and a supportive synthetic sole.

4. Check toe wiggle

Once your shoes have been delivered, try them on with socks on a carpeted surface. Feel where the front of your child’s toe is and ensure their toes can wriggle freely without bulges on side of shoe.

5. When in doubt, buy a few sizes and styles

Styletread offer fast delivery and free 30-day returns so you can buy a few sizes and styles for your kids to try on in the comfort of your own home, then return those you don’t want for free! See our return policy for more details.

How to measure your child’s shoe size

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Buying your kids shoes online is a great way to avoid the back to school stress but many parents ask how do you buy shoes for kids without being sure of their size?

Follow these simple steps to measuring your child’s foot.

What you’ll need:

  • Piece of paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Styletread size conversion chart – link


  1. 1. Get your child to stand on the piece of paper, preferably with socks on.

  2. 2. Trace around your child’s largest foot from toe to heel and back again.

  3. 3. With the measuring tape, measure in centimetres the length of the foot from the big toe to the heel.

  4. 4. Jump onto our shoe conversion chart and convert the length of your child’s foot in cm to find your child’s shoe size.

  5. 5. Use the filters on the left hand side of the site and the size conversion on each shoe’s product page to select the right size shoe for your child.
Help! How do I go casual without
wearing sneakers or thongs?

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Believe it or not, you can dress casual without runners or thongs in the equation. Casual does not mean sloppy!

There are plenty of men’s shoe styles that will keep you on the smart side of casual. Take a look at our guide, complete with ideal matching pant length, which is sure to impress even when you’re off duty.

The loafer

The appeal of the loafer lies in its versatility. This slip on shoe that can look just as good with a suit as it does pared down with a pair of chinos. You can’t argue with that kind of practicality. Loafers can feature a tassle or buckle trim, a band of leather running across the top of the foot (a penny loafer) or a textured rubber sole (driving shoe).

Ideal pant length: Loafers suit full-length and ankle-length pants or rolled-up chinos. They can also be paired with shorts.

The boat shoe

If you favour collared polo shirts, the boat shoe is a great partner to a preppy look. Created by Paul Sperry (of shoe label Sperry Top Sider), the modern boat shoe’s non-marking rubber soles were inspired by his dog’s ability to run across ice without slipping. Favoured by sailors for its superior grip on deck, it also makes for a smart shoe for all kinds of adventures on land and sea. They’re traditionally worn without socks so you can just slip on and go!

Ideal pant length: Wear with shorts (above the knee or three-quarters) or ankle-length chinos.

The sneaker

If you’ve got more of an urban style going on, a sneaker in the right form can still look slick. Try a leather hi-top sneaker for a more polished look. Shoe The Bear have a fantastic range of hi-top sneakers in soft grain leather and canvas finishes. Boxfresh also offer a decent range of sneakers that are a step above your regular runners with streamlined shapes and minimal colours.

Ideal pant length: Full length pants – tapered or baggier styles suit sneakers.

Help! I’m a black-oholic!
How do I brighten up my look?

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So you’ve resolved to embrace more colour in your wardrobe - where do you start? Leaving a black-dominated wardrobe and stepping into the unchartered territory of wearing colour can be daunting but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

Here’s three ways to master the infinite outfit possibilities that await you now that colour is on the scene, while avoiding looking like a walking rainbow.


If you’re a bit nervous about experimenting with colour, accessories are an easy place to start. A bright cuff, handbag or shoe can provide a pop of colour to your outfit.

The colour wheel

The colour wheel ( is a great reference for colour coordination and a useful tool for those who want to learn the basic rules of colour theory.

Here are three colour schemes to get you started:

These are colours that sit directly opposite to each other on the wheel and create the most vivid contrast. Keep these complementary combinations in mind when you’re looking for a small accent of colour - for example, a purple dress with a yellow clutch. This scheme is perfect for trying colour-block outfits too!

These colours are adjacent to one another and create a harmonious colour ensemble e.g. light blue top, dark blue jeans and purple accessories.

These are three colours that are equidistant from one another. The best way to work out this combo is to draw an equilateral triangle, using the dominant colour you’d like to base your outfit around, as the first point. Where the other two points fall on the wheel are the other colours that you can use for accent.

The three colour rule

This is a simple rule to follow and is as straightforward as it sounds! Basically the aim is to use no more than three colours in one outfit (black and white don’t count), including accessories. There are always exceptions of course but this is sure to save you when you’re in mid-morning rush and need a quick ensemble solution!

What about prints you say? It’s recommended to pick one colour from the print and match it to another part of your outfit or your accessories.

Help! What do I wear with
a navy suit?

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Working out what shoes match with a suit other than black may as well be rocket science for some. It’s no wonder our cities CBD’s are awash with black, it truly is the fail-safe option. However this simple guide deciphers the colour match code, so bookmark it and you’ll never have to fall back on black just because you’re confused, again!

  • Black Suit: Black shoes
  • Charcoal suit: Black, Chestnut, Oxblood, Dark Brown shoes
  • Light Grey Suit: Tan, Black, Chestnut, Oxblood, Dark Brown shoes
  • Navy Suit: Chestnut, Oxblood Dark Brown shoes
  • Mid Blue Suit: Tan, Black, Chestnut, Oxblood, Dark Brown shoes
  • Brown suit: Tan, Chestnut, Dark Brown shoes
  • Cream/Beige suit: Tan, white or a two tone combination of these two colours
  • Green suit: Black, Chestnut, Oxblood shoes

From these colour guides you can work in different styles of shoes whether they be dress shoes, brogues, boat shoes or ankle boots.

Remember to match your socks to your trousers (not your shoes) or even try a statement patterned sock or go sockless for something different.

Shoe style sorted, now go forth and embrace suits of all colours!

Top 5 tips for shopping for shoes while
you are pregnant

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Ask any pregnant woman what she wants at the end of a long day, and the answer will most likely be “to put my feet up”. Unfortunately pregnancy can cause feet to swell due to fluid retention, but also the relaxin produced by your body also causes the bones in your feet to spread. While the fluid retention generally disappears after the baby is born, the foot spread is permanent and a lot of women find they go up half a size in shoes!

So while all this is happening to your body, how do you look good while ensuring your feet are comfortable too?

1. Wear appropriate footwear

This is not a time to be mumming about in 14 cm heels if you are on your feet all day. Lucky for you there are so many fabulous flats shoes available, that regardless if you are in a corporate or casual situation, if you do a lot on your feet, there is a flat shoe that will work for you!

2. But I love heels! Help!

Like most shoe addicts you won’t want to forgo heels altogether and you won’t need to. You just might want to take them down an inch or two and look for more supportive styles. Avoid heels that are overly steep on the arch (check out our side views and shoe videos on each shoe product page for a good indication) and opt for wedges or mid heels instead, both attributes which you can filter by on the Styletread site.

3. Shake it up

Live by this rule of thumb for the next nine months, have at least three different, comfortable shoes in rotation and change them up every day. Worn your favourite wedges today? Opt for a cool fashion sneaker tomorrow and then a comfortable flat the next. If you need to attend an after work function, plan for it and wear your flats during the day, then switch to your heels for the event.

4. Go for quality, not quantity

Look for quality shoes, leather uppers and supportive soles rather than purchase a lot of lesser quality shoes that may not support your foot as well. Synthetic uppers can cause your feet to sweat which is less than ideal for already swollen feet.

5. Play with texture, over colour

If you’re usually a colour girl, but are also on a budget, look at ways you can play with texture and neutral prints for a sense of fun. Perhaps it’s a leopard print ballet or a woven or laser cut leather sandal. This will help to keep things interesting yet versatile with a limited wardrobe and budget!

Need more shoe inspiration? Shop flats, wedges, sneakers now!

Top 5 tips for packing for a holiday
(and how to rationalise how many
shoes to take!)

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The first rule of packing shoes for your getaway is to think about your destination and what you’ll be doing once you get there. We all know the bikini stays at home when we’re heading for a ski trip (well for most of us, it does) so how do we work this type of rational thinking into what footwear to pack?

Shoes can take up room and luggage weight when you are packing for a trip so it pays to be savvy when about thinking which of your ‘babies’ to take with you.

1. Need Vs Want

Think about what you’ll be doing at your destination, chilling by the pool, partying with friends, checking out galleries and cafes, shopping til you drop, hiking up volcanoes and how much time you will be allocating to each of these activities, then prioritise the type of shoes you’ll take according to the type of fun you’ll be having!

2. Keep it classic, but not boring!

Opt for classic colours and neutrals to ensure your shoes compliment the rest of your holiday wardrobe. If you’re visiting a dressy location, you may want to take one pair of statement party heels as it’s much easier to pack an extravagant shoe than it is to pack an extravagant dress!

Don’t forget to play with texture, animal prints, exotic print leathers and metallics can all reside under the ‘neutral’ umbrella when it comes to shoes and ensures your holiday wardrobe is never boring!

3. Double duty

Look for shoes that do double duty as this will make for a more versatile holiday wardrobe i.e. a metallic embellished flat sandal that can be worn to the beach or bar. Casual chic canvas plimsoles or leather boat shoes that work for market browsing, wine swilling or gallery hopping.

4. Weigh it up

Don’t hesitate to whip out the kitchen scales when you’re packing, as it may help you to decide which shoes to bring and which to leave at home. When buying shoes for holiday, look for light materials of the shoe and sole, the Skechers Go Walk and Go Play collections are some of the lightest shoes on the market, making them great for travelling. If you’re off on an adventure holiday or to a cold climate, you’ll need heavier shoes, consider this as an investment as there is nothing worse than having cold feet or having to buy better quality shoes while you’re on holiday because you didn’t pack properly. One tip is to wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane to save luggage allowance.

5. Ensure perfect working order

Check your shoes are in good working order. Do the soles or heels need fixing? Would an inner sole provide better fit? Do you need new laces? If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking consider taking some Party Feet to keep in your bag in case of a blister emergency!

Lastly, pack your shoes into shoe bags before putting them into your luggage; this will keep them from soiling your clothes, especially if you’re travelling to a few destinations in the one trip.

Need some shoe-spiration? Shop our Holiday shoes here!

Extra tips:

That space inside your sneakers is wasted packing space! Stuff your socks or toiletries inside to ensure you’re using every valuable inch!

If you are visiting a country where the locals may not be as well off as yourself and have extra space in your suitcase, consider taking your old, wearable shoes and giving them away to those in need.



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