If you are interested in joining our team then you have come to the right place. At Styletread we care greatly about our team culture and ensuring that our company is made up of committed people that share the same values.

To become a ‘Treadster’ (our name for our team members) first and foremost you will need to have personal values that are aligned with our Styletread values. In addition you will also need to have technical skill in the role that you are applying for. Before joining the team you will go through a series of interviews to test for cultural fit as well as technical fit.

Styletread is committed to building the happiest and most productive team in Australia. You will notice that Styletread is a little different to most other companies – we have fun, we smile, we play, we write on walls, we have houses and we share a family spirit. In addition to all this we offer amazing development opportunities in a fast-growing, customer service-driven, online retail team that is changing the way Australians shop, one shoe at a time.

Our values are the most important part of defining our culture. We live by our values; they drive the behaviours of our Treadsters on a day-to-day basis and are central to everything that we do in order to create the working environment that we aspire to.

Our core values are:

Customer Focused

  • At every level and in everything we do, we provide exceptional, genuine, old-fashioned customer service.


  • We are supportive, approachable and accessible.
  • We encourage open discussion.
  • We work together towards common goals.
  • We are diligent, hard working and do what needs to be done.
  • Each individual is an important part of our business success.


  • Our results are a product of continual evolution.
  • We are driven, we push the boundaries and we deliver.
  • We have high expectations and a real belief in what we do.
  • We strive to be the very best!


  • We are family orientated, loyal and dedicated.
  • We embrace all of our customers, employees and suppliers.

We Celebrate

  • We work hard to play hard.
  • We laugh at ourselves and we say it like it is!
  • We celebrate ourselves and each other.

Want to join the team?

If you feel like you could be a Treadster send us an email at